Jazz Jubilee by the Sea: January 12-15th, 2023


Every year Basin Street Regulars hosts “Jazz Jubilee by the Sea,” a world-class traditional jazz festival held in beautiful Pismo Beach and Grover Beach. Traditionally held in October, the festival is moving to January in 2023 for a variety of reasons, including more economical hotel prices! 

This festival has been successful each year since it began in 1976, with fans streaming in from all over the country and even the world. It is held for…

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I recently released a CD recording called TRAD JAZZ ORIGINALS - Dave Ruffner. It contains 14 songs that I wrote in the traditional jazz style between the years 1992 to 2018. Some of the songs are from old Blue Street recordings, while others are from more recent recordings made in New Orleans. The musicians in the various bands in the recording are outstanding. Since I didn't make any liner notes for this recording, I thought I'd list the selections and give a brief explanation for the tune. 


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New Project coming- Original Songs 

With Covid and many other obstacles, this project has been put on hold. I'm hoping to go to the studio sooner than later. I'm trying to coordinate a video with this recording and when this happens, things will be ready to start. This project had been burning in my mind for a long time and I'll be glad to "give birth" to it and move on in my life. It will be an intimate recording with a rhythm section and me and will feature a number of songs I have written over the years. 

Still playing in New Orleans 

I have been fortunate enough to have been playing in New Orleans during the pandemic since late June at the Cafe Beignet. I have also been playing on Saturday nights at Fritzel's European Pub. I am able to do this because both of these gigs are outdoors. The Cafe Beignet is an outdoor venue and at Fritzel's we have been playing in the courtyard and though sometimes cold, it has been a fun experience. 

Volume 3 Dave Ruffner and the Beignet Orchestra of New Orleans 

Dave Ruffner and the Beignet Orchestra Volume 3 is the third recording from the Beignet Orchestra of New Orleans. The Beignet Orchestra of New Orleans is a three piece band that performs daily at the Café Beignet on Bourbon Street. Members of the working group fluctuate each day but the constant is trombonist, harmonica playing, and singer Dave Ruffner. Two other prominent players are singer/pianist Steve Rohbock and drummer Bob Walters. Both appear on Volume 1 and 3 as well. The Beignet Orchestra Volume…

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